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Here are the answers to many of the common questions our clients have about our company.  Don't see your question here?  Call or email us and we would be happy to answer your questions and help you out in any way we can!

1. My roof is leaking - do I need a new roof?
    - We can often repair your leaks without having to replace your roof.

2. How much is an estimate?
    - Renovation Roofing offers free estimates.

3. How many estimates should I get before I choose a roofer?
    - We recommend getting at least 3 estimates.

4. Do you have a ladder?
    - Yes, believe it or not we get asked this question all the time.  As a professional roofing company we have our own ladders and we bring them to every jobsite.  We can also arrange for ladders or lifts needed for extra tall buildings.

5. Can you work on tall buildings or steep roofs?
    - Yes we can work on all buildings.

6. Do you replace mobile home roofs?
    - Yes

7. Do you work on tile roofs?
    - Yes, we have skilled tile roofers.

8. Do you only work on roofs? 
    - No, professional roofers can also work on decks, windows and skylights.
9. Do you have yearly maintenance programs to keep roofs in shape?
    - Yes, we provide yearly maintenance to fix minor problems, clean out gutters and generally keep your roof looking and working great.

10. Does Renovation Roofing provide roof inspections or certifications?
    - Yes

11. Do I need a permit?
    - Permits depend on the area and amount of working being done.  If needed Renovation Roofing can pull the necessary permits.

12. I need a lot of work done roofing, termites, painting - what should I do first? 
    - We suggest that you do your termites and painting first to avoid damaging a new or repaired roof, however we can often recommend workmen who know how to avoid damaging roofs - just ask!

13. What areas does Renovation Roofing serve?
    - We serve all of the greater San Diego Area from North County to South from East County to West!

14. Do you work with HOA's and Property Management?
    - Yes we do a lot of work for HOA's and Property management groups, we have all the required insurances and bonds.
15. The contractor was talking about flashing and louvers - what are those?  How do I know what the contractor is referring to?
    - Here are explainations of some roofing terms you might not be familiar with:

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